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Yuritzi Mendoza is a highly skilled and experienced tax preparer with proven expertise and demonstrated success throughout the last 11 years. As a dedicated self-starter. Yuritzi began her finance endeavors rather modestly, working with her family, friends, and other clients who heard of her by word-of-mouth. She would meet with her clients, begin to understand their finances, and ensure that their taxes were prepared in the most professional, clear, and succinct manner, despite her humble beginnings. She even began to expand her services to include tax preparation services for individuals and businesses, along with public notary services, ITIN number services, and document translation. Benefitting her tremendously, was her past nearly decade-long experience as an executive in the banking industry. While in the banking industry, Yuritzi learned the fundamental processes of modern finance, along with the basic principles surrounding taxation, personal finances, and business finances. From there she was able to build a solid foundation upon which she would go on to base her tax preparation business on. In 2012, Yuritzi founded YM Taxes, LLC., working directly out her home. Since then, she has gone on to build a substantial client-base and a new, bright, and inviting office from which she offers her expert tax preparation services.

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